Our Approach in Two ways

by Rev. Dr. David Abidan

1. Involvement model (working with community directly): this model is geared towards Proclamation of the Gospel in communities, our program areas includes:
a. Community Mobilization and Capacity Building.
b. Networking and Collaboration
c. Institutional Strengthening
d. Monitoring and Evaluation
e. Peace Building
f. Disaster Risk Reduction (humanitarian Service) and

Our four training components areas are:
a. Sustainable Agriculture (SA)
b. Sustainable Water Supply (SWS)
c. Community Based Health Care (CBHC) and
d. Economic Empowerment (EE).

Sustainable Agriculture

In this area there is a paradigm shift even in Nigeria today attention is shifting to boast Agriculture, food security, we must rise to mobilize our people to go back to farm so we can survive the hardship. In this area POD has help over 144 Communities so far. Sustainable Water Supply - shortage and lack of portable drinking water is a major issue in many communities in Nigeria, apart from over 262 lined and unlined wells that we dug, many communities are getting their water from a source shared with animals in some communities, today we are trusting God for a borehole rig to be purchase which will enable us to change from traditional well digging to sinking borehole improving on providing portable drinking water to our communities, churches, organizations, institutions and individuals at affordable rates.

Community Based Health Care

Our staff have continued to facilitate communities on clean hygiene environment sanitation, we have trained 30 Voluntary Health Workers (VHW) since June last year to date, 56 women on Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) in various communities. All in effort to provide basic health care service delivery to the people, and we have facilitated the building of over 20 clinics so far.

Economic Empowerment

We have trained 214 self-help groups in different communities. Empowerment Model

2. Church and Community Mobilization Process (CCMP): this is geared towards the demonstration of the gospel, we are working with the local churches envisioning them to be empowered wholistically and be transformed using their God given resources there by creating enabling environment for self-reliant. Since we started, our Church and Community Mobilization Process CCMP empowerment model has made a lot of people become self-reliant.

This empowerment program has impacted so many churches and individuals, today we have mobilized and trained 295 pastors, 856 church elders, and 67 churches have been envisioned to carry out integral missions all within the reporting period.

We recoded 422 new convert who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Many churches in ECWA today have become viable through our CCMP models we have testimonies of churches who’s tithing and income have improved immensely few among them include: ECWA Tanke Fate Tanke DCC, ECWA Gaa Akanbi in Ilorin DCC, ECWA Good news Mado road in Jos DCC, ECWA Banganje Kaltungo in Kaltungo DCC, ECWA 2 Kafanchan in Kafanchan DCC, ECWA Doma in Lafia DCC, ECWA Ekpan in Edo-Delta DCC and many other churches who have testified and are embarking on integral missions.

The teaching of CCMP as a curriculum in Bayara has created opportunity to student to become empowered and self-reliant in diverse ways. I request that we continue to pray for our field staff for God’s guidance and protection daily in various community locations as they carry out teachings on integral missions.

Financial base of POD
Awareness and promotion of POD activities
In the past not many ECWA members know about POD WORK, we have within the period of reporting embarked on church awareness and mobilization on POD models of activities in churches and DCCs for the Implementation of POD programs especially CCMP empowerment models and training of Pastors and elders in various DCCs.

Today POD has introduced CCMP in some theological schools such as ECWA Theological College Bayara in Bauchi State as a course curriculum that students are taking to be empowered and be economically viable and self-reliant.

Peace Building work in Tafawa Balewa
POD of ECWA has been involved in peace work in Tafawa Balewa since twenty twelve to date; this has led to the formation of a Peace Mobilization Group in the area. We have seen that a combination of poverty, religious fundamentalism and violence which has created a situation of mutual suspicion and hatred between Christians and Muslims in most communities in Tafawa Balewa and Bogor, resulting in a cycle of violent conflict.

POD of ECWA has piloted several initiatives in order to mitigate these cycles of violent conflict in the area, through peacebuilding, conflict transformation and reconciliation efforts. The work in Tafawa Balewa has led to a Public book presentation titled “Imperative of our Togetherness: A quest for peace and peaceful co-existence” This is a compilation of our peace work in three part namely: PART One paper presentation, PART Two Testimonies, and PART Three Suggestions and Recommendations. Humanitarian Services

POD has responded to the victims of flood disaster that took place in Benue, Bauchi and plateau States where over a thousand victims were assisted with assorted Food and non-food items worth five hundred thousand naira cash distributed to those affected. This is courtesy of Tearfund donation. POD responded to help the victims of attack at Shonong village in Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State with items worth over three hundred thousand naira.

POD again responded to assist the Boko Haram victims located at IDP camp in Kuchigoro Abuja in a humanitarian service with items worth over four million naira such as food and non-food items, water supply, donation of school materials, hygiene and sanitation, training and formation of Barbing and ladies saloon, soap making, pomade making, tie and dye making and many other economic empowerment activities for income generation.

Last year we took relief to Southern Kaduna Ninte & Goska and distributed cash and none cash items to victims in the area. All these was sponsored by Tearfund Nigeria Staff Capacity Building and Training POD has continued to give staff opportunity to be trained and equipped for service, we have trained and empowered our staff on the Job for productivity on various component areas such as: Monitoring and Evaluation, Communication, Disaster Response, Peace Building, Contingency Planning, Sharpening your Inter-personal Skills, Trauma Healing, Fundraising, Community Development, Wholistic Christian Development, Development Management Courses, Skills Acquisition, Project Cycle Management, Leadership Development, Do No Harm, Quality Standard Training and many others both within Nigeria and outside Nigeria. POD has equally inaugurated a development Arm in TChad Republic last year and this year we also participated in the inauguration of ECWA Malawi where we saw the need for integral Missions in that country, if permitted POD would want to introduce the Church and Community Mobilization Process in that country, in synergy with EMS of ECWA. Many staff has testified and shared their result of been equipped and empowered.