Blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to his great mercy became our father again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It is my pleasure to present to you POD of ECWA report from June 2017 till date as requested by your office. Let me begin with a brief profile of POD of ECWA from historical beginning, from where I will present a brief synopsis of our testimonies and report of God’s faithfulness in our department. And conclude with prayer point, challenges and thanksgiving.

POD Beginning: Prior to the formation of POD in 1989, ECWA Rural Development and ECWA Community Health Programme were ministering especially to the rural poor through the diffusion theory of innovation. By the mid-1980s a number of evaluations revealed that these two departments were not really meeting the numerous needs of these rural poor.

This was due to the ineffectiveness of their strategy and the down turn of the Nigeria economy. These departments agreed to change their approach, which led to a series of re-orientation on community-based development. A decision to merge the Extension Section of ECWA Rural Development and the Preventive Health Care Unit of ECWA Community Health Programme was then taken to form POD. POD Philosophy: The main focus of POD’s programme is the development of people, which can be attained by their full participation in decision-making, implementation and evaluation, thus building their capacity to be self-reliant. POD believes that people are knowledgeable especially of their own environment and the things that concern them.

The strategy of effecting community-based development at the grass root is through the empowerment of Community Development Committees (CDC) who pioneers development initiatives in their various communities. This thus makes the approach bottom-up and not top-down. In our approach, we use different Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) techniques to enter community, raise awareness, learn carry out need assessment, decision-making, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of their dream realized.

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POD OF ECWA envisions improved and sustained the living conditions of Nigeria communities.


To promote improved and sustainable living conditions, through effective community mobilization and capacity building of the underprivileged communities in Nigeria.

Awareness and promotion of POD activities

In the past not many ECWA members know about POD WORK, we have within the period of reporting embarked on church awareness and mobilization on POD models of activities in churches and DCCs for the Implementation of POD programs especially CCMP empowerment models and training of Pastors and elders in various DCCs.

Today POD has introduced CCMP in some theological schools such as ECWA Theological College Bayara in Bauchi State as a course curriculum that students are taking to be empowered and be economically viable and self-reliant.


POD of ECWA is involved in wholistic community-based development as an act of demonstration of God’s Love to mankind (Matthew 14:13-20; 15:29-38; Isaiah 61:1-4).

Involvement model (working with community directly):

This model is geared towards Proclamation of the Gospel in communities, our program areas includes:
a. Community Mobilization and Capacity Building.
b. Networking and Collaboration,
c. Institutional Strengthening,
d. Monitoring and Evaluation, e. Peace Building, f. Disaster Risk Reduction (humanitarian Service) and

Our four training components areas are:
a. Sustainable Agriculture (SA)
b. Sustainable Water Supply (SWS)
c. Community Based Health Care (CBHC) and
d. Economic Empowerment (EE).

Sustainable Agriculture - in this area there is a paradigm shift even in Nigeria today attention is shifting to boast Agriculture, food security, we must rise to mobilize our people to go back to farm so we can survive the hardship. In this area POD has help over 144 Communities so far. Sustainable Water Supply - shortage and lack of portable drinking water is a major issue in many communities in Nigeria, apart from over 262 lined and unlined wells that we dug, many communities are getting their water from a source shared with animals in some communities, today we are trusting God for a borehole rig to be purchase which will enable us to change from traditional well digging to sinking borehole improving on providing portable drinking water to our communities, churches, organizations, institutions and individuals at affordable rates.

Community Based Health Care - our staff have continued to facilitate communities on clean hygiene environment sanitation, we have trained 30 Voluntary Health Workers (VHW) since June last year to date, 56 women on Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) in various communities. All in effort to provide basic health care service delivery to the people, and we have facilitated the building of over 20 clinics so far.

Economic Empowerment - we have trained 214 self-help groups in different communities.
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